Chameleon Studios


People rarely get to live their dreams, especially if they don't follow them straight out of school. We have been blessed in that we were given an opportunity after doing what we were supposed to do, to do what we want to do. After the corporate world, and having a family, we were both in a position to study photography, which is where we met. We then decided to follow our hearts and start a photography business together.


We bring together our passion, energy and love for our craft, which can be seen in our work, whether it be capturing the emotion of a special family milestone or documenting a corporate product launch. We are partners in the business, which ensures our utmost committment and devotion to our clients. We love the freedom that our business affords us, and the joy that photography brings to us is passed on to our clients, who can see our inspiration, emotion and humility in what we do. 

We will forever appreciate how fortunate we are to be following our dreams.

Nicole and Melissa