A celebration under the stars

With the groom's family home and avo orchards as a base, and perfectly timed after heavy rains, the family was hard at work getting everything ready. While the rains did pose some challenges in that the guests had to be transported from the house to the Tzaneen dam by tractor, and sawdust had to be put down to reduce the mud, the location right on the dam was breathtaking.

With everything having to be brought in, this family worked around the clock from the early hours of the morning to get it all in place. The guest gifts of honey and macadamia nuts were even farmed right there on the farm. Family and friends set the tables, hung the decorations, and even made the cake, which made it very personal and extremely special.

The groom's grandfather's reconditioned Mini Moke was refurbished especially for the big day, which was the bride's chariot to arrive at the ceremony. Even though it didn't start after the service, they did not let this dampen their spirits, and merely got some of the guests to push them off. The rain held off for the service and reception, but gave a beautiful show of a magnificent sunset and rainbow which was nothing short of spectacular. Seating plans were labelled bottles which hung from the tree in fairy lights, and many more fairy lights framed the "chill out" area. The bridesmaids were dashing in royal blue Twist Wrap dresses, which were perfect for the humid afternoon and evening ahead.

With the bride's uncle as the Pastor for the ceremony and all of the groomsmen and bridesmaids saying speeches, the day had a very personal touch. Then God supplied the weather and the spectacular setting which made the day absolutely perfect.

Bridal couple under fairy lights

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