New beginnings

It was a glorious autumn afternoon and the sun shone down on the Khan family delivering warm kisses to the unborn baby in Safeena’s tummy. Little Quraysha, full of energy, charged around the leafy garden in her crimson red dress. Twirling in the autumn leaves the family giggled with glee as they enjoyed a special moment together, savouring this time as just the three of them before they welcome a new baby into the family. Click! went the camera and with a flash of light the moment was captured – recorded forever. A family portrait, everyone together, a smile being shared. It’s a boy! declares the sign as little Quraysha bends down to give her mummy’s tummy a kiss. This family’s love for one another is so evident, making them a joy to shoot. It was an absolute privilege to witness this lovely family document this very precious time in their lives. We wish them all the best for their exciting journey ahead!

#maternity #family #babybump #bigsister #itsaboy #newbeginnings #momtobe #love

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