Autumn inspiration

On a lovely Sunday morning Chameleon Studios met the Koch family for an autumn-inspired photo shoot. They brought the most photogenic Great Dane, Frasier, who loved to photobomb at every opportunity. Skyla and Zach didn't seem to mind, giving shrieks of laughter every time he came near them. Zach had the typical love-hate relationship with his sister, Skyla, trying his best to avoid her sisterly kisses, but running off together and climbing on trees together was a dead giveaway of their family bond. Frasier never far behind.

Graham and Melanie were such fun to photograph. Graham keeping things fun and keeping Melanie smiling, even keeping her upright while balancing on a fallen tree.

A fun morning spent together, thank you to Melanie, Graham, Skyla and Zach, and especially Frasier. You make our job so simple when the love is so easy to see.

#Autumn #family #greatdane #photography #love #siblings

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